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Capture Data for Job Title

Question asked by 682a968f01d70e8ff0908466897f7463207fa795 on Apr 18, 2016
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I am wondering if anyone has  a great way of capturing and normalizing this data for a text field. We have so many programs in our marketo instance that require this data to be easily read to fire off engagement streams and score leads. However, we are finding it difficult to catch everyone due to the job title field being a text field. We want to keep the text field but are trying to work out logic that will allow us to score people accurately and fire off emails with accuracy based on this field. We currently have a "contains" filter that looks at different variations of job titles but this is just not sufficient enough and people are slipping through the cracks.


Does anyone have any best practice or have run into this before and come out with a reliable solution? Other than create a drop down field...