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    Submitted form ignored by Marketo

    Alex Shelukhanov

      What may cause a situation not adding a member to a Program after someone submits form? We noticed that happening for some email addresses.


      These people also do not receive any confirmation emails and are not recorded in the Smart Campaign results at all.

      So, it looks like the form has been submitted on user end, but has not been received by Marketo at all.


      This happened with some of our corporate addresses while testing on different browsers.

      Some of these emails are already registered leads in our Marketo database, some of them - not.


      What causes forms submitted not being received (ignored) by Marketo ? Why this happens ?

      Please help!


      Thank you.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Let's be very clear about what and where is being "ignored." Does the form fillout appear in the lead's Activity Log? This where your troubleshooting must start. Don't start at the Smart Campaign, start at the ActLog. Then check SC qualification rules.

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            Nicholas Manojlovic

            Did it work the first time, but not on subsequent times?


            If could be a qualification rule in the "Schedule" tab of the smart campaign. If you've limited leads to flow through a campaign only once, then your subsequent testing will be "ignored".


            I know this isn't exactly what you've described above but it's worth a look..

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                Alex Shelukhanov

                Hi Nicholas,


                It never worked for any of those emails.


                "Shedule" setting are

                Campaign Status:     Active
                Smart List Mode:     Triggered
                Smart Campaign Settings
                If lead has been in this Smart Campaign before
                Each lead can run through the flow every time
                If lead has reached the communication limits
                Ignore limit


                So, probably this not the thing that causes this issue.



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                    Alex Shelukhanov


                    Sorry guys, I was looking at a different lead database before.

                    I double checked with the correct Lead Database and found that all 3 leads are registered in Lead database.

                    2 of them have two lead records with the same email address. One of these duplicate leads has a record in Lead Activity log "Filled Out Form".

                    The 3rd lead also has a "Filled Our Form" record.


                    What is the reason for Marketo that prevents  Alerts and Emails being sent out ?


                    In SC flow I am using a Change Data Value rule for a lead.field that was created when all of these leads were already in the database.

                    I assume something prevents this Field to be updated for previously existing leads and this cause the whole Flow (with Alert and Email) not being executed. For all these 3 leads this field has not been updated, however "Change Data Value" is on 3 step of flow. (1 step - Alert, 2 - Email)


                    The "Change Data Value" rule says

                    If: <selected lead field> is empty

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                        Sanford Whiteman

                        OK, so the Filled Out Form activities are being logged.  This is good.


                        There isn't any one reason that's preventing your Send Alert and Email steps from firing. Your Change Data Value step is not the cause (especially if you are seeing the value change). Did you say you aren't even seeing these leads qualify for the SC (Results tab)?  Are you absolutely sure you don't have a filter that's filtering them out?

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                          Keith Miller

                          You mention that you were looking in a different lead database before. So, if you have multiple lead partitions and these test leads existing in one of those other partitions, they will not be added to this lead partition. It is my understanding that a lead can only exist in one partition at a time. We ran into this issue and simply deleted the leads (internal employees) from their existing partitions and then our tests for our new form worked properly.

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                              Dan Stevens

                              Actually, leads will exist in two partitions: the custom-defined one (e.g., country partition) and the default partition.  This is why you should always use the default lead DB when doing any lead forensics since every lead in your Marketo instance is contained here (unless you've set up a specific partition where leads are completely hidden from Marketo - like a "Duplicates" partition).

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                                  Alex Shelukhanov

                                  Yes, I am looking at the Default partition. I see two lead records with the same email address for some leads I used for testing. Let's put this case aside.

                                  There is also a lead with a single record, everything is fine, but this lead does not go through the SC flow. I did not receive any alerts, the lead did not receive any emails. This is weird.

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                                      Alex Shelukhanov

                                      Hi guys,

                                      here is some more info:


                                      I just discovered, that the program is in "Customer CRM" Partition.

                                      The existing lead with single lead record, who did not receive any emails is present in "Sales team" partition.

                                      Could this be a cause of our issue and Marketo simply did not process this lead in SC flow due to its initial existence in different Partition ?


                                      However, one of the other leads (with duplicate presence in two different Lead Database partitions) is actually present in "Customer CRM" partition, but has not passed through SC flow anyway. May this duplicate presence cause a conflict ?

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                                          Keith Miller


                                          This sounds like our situation. If your program is in "Customer CRM" and the lead is "Sales Team", I'm thinking that is your culprit. As for the other situation, if the lead is present in the correct partition and still isn't receiving emails, the only thing I'm aware of is the setting that restricts leads from going through the flow multiple times. You may also want to check that the lead hasn't ended up on a Blocked List for some reason.


                                          Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm pretty new at this Marketo thing. It just so happens that we use several lead partitions.


                                          Best of luck!