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    Creating dynamic, auto-response emails

      Hello there,


      I'm new to Marketo and expect to have a lot of questions over coming months.


      I've recently triggered an auto-response email when a user fills out a form, on a landing page, to download a whitepaper. The idea is that the user fills out the form, submits, is taken to a thank you page AND receives the email containing the whitepaper - seems pretty straightforward.


      Question 1

      However, we have 5 different versions of the whitepaper English, US English etc... is it possible to create just one auto-response email that dynamically inserts the correct link for the correct user? We have five different forms so can ascertain which whitepaper a lead should receive.


      Question 2

      I've got 'known-lead' set up to avoid known users filling out forms and send them straight to the thank you page. However, is it possible to have one thank you page for known and unknown leads? The known leads see copy such as 'thanks, you can now download your whitepaper' and see a CTA button. Unknown leads see copy like 'thanks, your whitepaper will be emailed shortly'.


      Question 3

      Am i following best practice in creating 5 x forms, 5 x landing pages and 5 x thank you pages for 5 versions of a whitepaper? As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time so the more areas i can use segmentation, the better.


      Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!!!



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          Jamie Lewis

          Question 1:  Yes, in edit email select segment by in the right hand column and choose the segmentation you want to use.  Then drag the objects from the top half of the list you want to make dynamic by segment down to the segment area.  Once you do that you can change the value for that object for each slice of the segmentation


          Question 2:  Yes, in the form you can specify what to do for know leads and unkown leads at the setup tab


          Question 3:  No, I don't think this is the best way to do it.  You should be able to reuse forms at the least and thank you pages and landing pages potentially depending on the use case.  I would try to reuse as much as possible based on your reporting needs.