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Measuring impact on SMS influence

Question asked by 739d07d0790f0cfe530cbdeeccb187bf345b4f2e on Apr 17, 2016
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Our business sells advertising space via a Booking. All the booking details are captured on a Booking object in Salesforce.

When a customer calls our contact centre for a quote, the Rep creates a booking then updates the Status to 'Killed' immediately if the customer doesn't approve it. If the customer calls back and wants to go ahead with the Booking, the Rep creates a new Booking and updates the Status to 'Booking'.

A common reason for a customer not to complete their booking is because they forget and were never called and reminded that the print deadline is approaching.



So, I've created a program that targets customers who have a Killed Booking (aka quote) in the past week and sends either an SMS or Email to them 2 hours before the deadline of their quoted publication, encouraging them to call to complete their Booking.



My question is how do I easily measure whether the SMS/Email reminder was influential in completing a Booking, and is there a way to report on it in Marketo? It's tricky because I'm effectively looking for any bookings that were made after the SMS was sent, but there's no "sequential" logic feature in Marketo that can do that.


The closest I've got is to create a smart list that says:

Has Booking, Status is Booking, Created in past 7 days


Is member of SMS Smart Campaign


SMS outbound sent time is in past 7 days


Then I've set up a Smart Campaign that sends me an Alert every day whenever someone qualifies for the smart list above.


Any other frames of thought that I haven't considered would be greatly appreciated.