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Creating a SIMPLE Drip Campaign in Marketo

Question asked by Greg Jackman on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by Colin Mann

We're looking to create just a simple, basic drip/nurture campaign in Marketo without any special customization. This is the first one we've done. Can anyone tell me of their experience? Right now, our drip campaign consists of 5 emails. 1st email includes 3 links: 1 goes to a landing page/form. The other 2 are for 2 pieces of downloadable content. If they click on either piece of content, they're sent a 2nd email with 2 more pieces of content. If they click through one of those pieces, we then consider that lead a hot lead and send to our Rep to call. Anyone ever do anything similar to that? Can anyone think of a way to make it simpler? We want to avoid making it complicated to set up in Marketo, especially since it's our first one.