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    3rd party GoToWebinar connections

      Hi there,

      I'm working with a few 3rd party vendors to conduct webinars through their service.  I want to be able to track registrants that are results of our promotion vs. the 3rd party. How can I create a form that would track submissions we collect and still get them registered for the other parties webinar.  Some use GoToWebinar and some don't. Is there a way to connect these?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Hilliary,


          Marketo provides out-of-the-box some connectors for various Webinar platforms. GTW is one of them. The list is here: LaunchPoint Event Partners - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


          For the other, it will take some API integration, or just the good old export-import.



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            Josh Hill

            The best way is to use URL parameters and place that value into a field.


            The next best way is one reg page in marketo for each vendor.

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              You can,

              Create Marketo registration forms (on your website) for these webinars.

              Most likely these webinar vendors would have their own web forms to register. Now what you need to do is to 'auto-submit' the appropriate registration form for the appropriate webinar on their website when a corrosponding form is submitted on your Marketo.


              To do that, you can use several ways,

              a> On your Marketo Thank you page, use javascript to 'redirect' to their registration form with 'url parameters' populated based on the user inputs. Technically this is called using HTTP GET to auto-submit their form. This is simpler but the values are shown in the browser urls some times, it is not a good thing.


              b> Or you can use custom javascript to 'auto-submit' their form using HTTP POST using AJAX. This will submit their form but nothing shows up in the browser. Recommended over option a. But takes a bit more javascript complexity.


              c> Or you can use an hidden iFrame in which you load their webform and submit it when your Marketo form gets submitted. Again hidden but will take javascript coding and testing.

              As Josh mentioned, you can choose to send an extra url parameter say source="our website" or source="Third party website name" etc. That will help you to identify the source.


              Above 3 were browser based methods.

              You might want to use 'Marketo web hooks' functionality to use 'server side' submission to their registration form automatically. See Search - Product Docs

              The web hook in Marketo will look something like,


              Here I am submitting a 'provider' web form at 'getqrcode.php' and passing values I collected from my Marketo webform.

              There are several pros and cons of doing it in 'browser' vs 'web hooks'.


              Hope this helps