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Do I really need a form?

Question asked by ee39baa506054a9c4ee1c279f687dd6d49907b01 on Apr 12, 2016
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Can someone give me the answer to the scenario below?

I send an email blast to a specific list of recipients(Leads) and the call to action is to download a white paper from a specific landing page -not a marketo landing page but a landing page with munchkin code. When an email recipient clicks on a link within the email, they are directed to landing page, where the white paper is hosted along with a link to a secondary document. Can Marketo track specific lead (email recipient) who clicked through to the secondary document without a form fill? Or do I need to create a form? I'm thinking Marketo should be able to track the secondary click on the landing page, as it should know the visit was generated from a specific email recipient. I don't want to create unnecessary landing pages if they are already in my database. I just need to track their actions, after each email I send to them.

Can someone please advise?