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    Global form flow or trigger steps on non-marketo landing pages

      I am trying to set up a global form I can use on our company website (non-marketo landing pages) for multiple pieces of gated content that are in the resource center on our company website. I want to use one form on all the different content pages (global content registration form) AND be able to know which piece of content is being requested based on the webpage the form resides on so that upon submission it triggers the right piece of content via the TY page, direct download and/or autoresponder. (And is also trackable so I can report on what content is being downloaded from the site content pages and can push that info to Salesforce campaigns).

      Are there hidden fields, flow steps, triggers, etc. that can be combined to accomplish this feat? (I've seen some posts about custom JS but without a developer on staff this would be a problem to execute)