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Add to Marketo Campaign from is empty

Question asked by 05fe0272622e31962090a0437e5f21215e07354a on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by 05fe0272622e31962090a0437e5f21215e07354a


I'm trying to find a way to allow my sales reps to pause stream cadence of some nurturing campaigns from - I'm sending a temporal offer in the nurturing campaign and I don't want some people to receive that email.

I was thinking maybe using "Add to Marketo Campaign" and create a campaign that allows me to set up rules in Marketo to pause those people.

The problem is I can't see any campaign in Salesforce when I click Add to Marketo Campaign.  Is there anything I have to do in the campaigns/programs in order to see them in Sales Insight in


Any other idea on how to do that?


Thank you.