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Lead Scoring Depreciation/Degradation Best Practices

Question asked by 784eac3f80f4558218a1bc8d002e942ccb22352c on Apr 11, 2016
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Hello Marketo friends,


We are currently working on making some scoring enhancements and wanted to see if anyone had any tips, best practices, lessons learned, or resources (aside from marketo definitive guide) for score depreciation, specifically with reducing score over time due to inactivity (not including other types of negative scoring such as demographic, career page views etc). We've done this a few different ways in the past, but wanted to see if others' had different experiences and information to share.


  • Frequency - How many weeks of inactivity before you reduce score?
  • Fixed score subtraction VS % reduction?
  • How much do you reduce score due to inactivity compared to the relative weight of other values in your scoring algorithm?
  • Smaller, more frequent reductions VS larger, less frequent reductions?


Current No activity definition = has not opened or clicked any emails, not visited any web page, not filled out any form, not score has changed, not campaign was requested.


Current Inactivity Depreciation Rules: Currently, our QL threshold is a score of 100, and we use the following rules for inactivity depreciation, and some internal suggestions to make some more aggressive modifications we have received, which I have my own opinion on but wanted to see what others thought:

  • No activity 45 days - If above score = 50 (And lead status not equal to "working"or "opportunity") , reset score to 50.
    • We have had internal suggestion to modify this to 30 days inactive = reduce to 50
  • No activity 90 days - Reset score to 0
    • We have had internal suggestion to modify this to 45 days inactive = reduce to 0

Thanks in advance!