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Targeting Url String For Webpage Form Fill - "Contains" operator on Filled out Form under webpage constraint doesn't work

Question asked by ddb44b404b60246e972b312e6776cbfd427708b8 on Apr 8, 2016
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Hello Marketo Community!


I have an interesting problem that needs a creative solution.


What I need is a way to target a string in a url - For example on these webpages using "abc"




We want to target by webpage string of "products" to catch all of the url's with "products" in the url.


The only other solution is to manually add every domain extension and subdomain (Yes, we are using both)  to the webpage "is" constraint.


fills out form.png

This is not a good option because we don't have a standardized set of translations per page. It's essentially different for every page so we would have to manually check each page and then add the specific urls that are live..... this method is just not practical.




You are probably wondering what about the "Visited Web Page" Filter option?

visited web page.png

I don't think using the "visited web page" filter is a good option because a lead could come in on one landing page and then convert somewhere else on the site but it would put them in the campaign for the first landing page and not the second conversion point that they converted on.




Over to you - what do you think is the best way to target a url string ?