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Token for form submission alert subject line - differentiate forms

Question asked by c8ed60ae3a8b5b012a439e4408924a98a8aa9d79 on Apr 8, 2016
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I have alerts sent to our sales team every time someone fills out a form. I want to know which form each lead is filling out, and returning leads. I tested multiple tokens including the campaign description token. I did not turn off cookies or search incognito because I don't see every single person deleting their history every time they browse.  I filled out form "A" as a test and it populated correctly in the subject line with the corresponding form "A" information. Then I test filled out form "B", but it populated Form "A" information in the subject line. Is there a way around this.  If it's a returning lead, we still want to see in the alert subject line, or somewhere on the form, what they are registering for each time they visit the site.


Is there anyway around this?