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Add multiple data entries to one text area field

Question asked by Miika Niemelä on Apr 7, 2016
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I was wondering is it possible to add multiple data entries into one text area field? Main idea is to track lead's touch points (we track these with UTM parameters and the touch point value can be like twitter, facebook, linkedin...) and have all the values in same text area.



We drive traffic to landing page from Facebook. Lead ends up to a landing page and downloads a whitepaper. Source Last field would now have value "Facebook" and Source Multi Touch field would have also the same value "Facebook". On the second time the same lead comes to another landing page through Twitter ad and performs download action. Now Source Last field value is "Twitter" and Source Multi Touch field should be "Facebook, Twitter".


Marketo Smart Campaign:

Smart List: "Data Value Changes" - Attribute "Source Last"

Flow: "Change Data Value" - Attribute "Source Multi Touch" New Value "old value + {{lead.Source Last}}"


Thanks for your help!