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    Marketo Tracking Links on Emails causing error message

    Jillian Molina

      Hello experts!


      I have a conundrum here and I'm hoping someone else has experienced this issue, but I haven't found anything in the discussions yet.


      We deliver our eguides and other content via marketo email.  We sent out an initial big email to encourage a download of our latest piece of content, but we got a few responses that after "downloading" the piece of content via form fill out, the link to the piece of content that gets sent via marketo email refuses to connect / load.


      According to my colleague, a really small percentage get this same error. "This site can't be reached
      go.networkforgood.org (our tracking link that redirects to the actual piece) refused to connect".


      Does anyone know if this is the marketo tracking code messing up something? I want to rule out Marketo as the problem but it sounds like its a combination of the tracking code and maybe the person's firewall?


      Let me know if anyone else has experienced this!