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    Tips and Tricks from SMMUG Meeting 4/5

      Thanks so much to those who attended our User Group session this afternoon in San Mateo. Just wanted to follow up with the notes from our lightning round session.


      Our next meeting is in planning - I’ll be in touch as soon as we lock it in.


      Thanks also to Ringlead for sponsoring lunch and to Liz and the Marketo crew for helping with the space and organization. I have most everyone’s email, so if there’s someone that you connected with that you didn’t get a business card from, feel free to let me know and I can make an intro.


      Finally, let me know if you have any feedback for us regarding these. We’re always looking to improve so any suggestions or topics for next time would be greatly appreciated.


      Have a great rest of your week!


      Agile marketing – switching to scrum planning. Lots of requests coming in with limited resources – use Trello to scale. 2 week sprints.

      Leverage Tokens

      Headstart – schedule emails 12 hours ahead of time so that they go out on time

      NoDraft – Q2 release – if you’re using snippets, landing pages, emails – lets you draft or keep everything that’s approved, approved

      Clonable templates – centralized place for different types of programs

      Sprint templates – Build templates in Trello, Asana etc

      Campaign naming conventions – Set intuitive, consistent conventions to scale – use excel templates

      Use “already consumed content” program in email campaigns – to tag people out from receiving offers that they’ve already received.

      Use formula fields – Webhooks or CRM system

      Subscribe to Smart List – Great tool to manage data quality – identify all leads that have been added that have no email addresses, have emails that have bounced etc. Ongoing processes.

      SSL Transition – Do online searches for Marketo transition to SSL – many gotchas. SSL editor behaves differently – looks at CSS.

      Account/Lead URL’s – Most valuable, underappreciated field in the entire record. Key for deduplication. Append URL’s for clean data. Firmagraphic data etc.

      Post ideas in community

      Soft unsubscribe to a specific event - New status of “declined” keeps them from unsubscribing from everything

      Subscription manager

      Plain text emails – Much higher engagement than templatized emails

      Communication limits

      Audit Trail – Admin feature to see activities users have done in Marketo – coming soon! Up to 6 months information available - exportable