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weird ie11 caching on setValues()

Question asked by 47d9ec556fc445e0257057fbe2e7f66a0ad9481c on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello all,


I have a marketo form where is our user is logged in we are prepolulating the form with their account info. We do an API call and using setValues() push the JSON from the API call in to the form. Work great!

However we have a weird issue on ie11

User 1 logs in goes to the page with a form.

User 1 sees their data correctly in the form

User 1 cancels form and logs out (goes to different page)

User 2 logs in goes to the page with a form.

User 2 sees user 1's info prepopulated in the form


If I open dev tools the issue does not occur

This only happens in ie11 (I tested on win 7)

We are not storing the results of the api and there are totally different page loads

Here is my js



if (formUser == "registered"){

  var userInfo = "/store/ecomm/getUserInfo";

  $.getJSON( userInfo, function(data) {

  console.log( "success" );


  .complete(function(data) {





I am thinking of adding a delay on the setValues but would rather not delay the info populating on unaffected browsers. Any ideas? Is something being tracked in the munchkin cookie that im missing in dev tools?