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Server Side Form Post Issues

Question asked by b6a8310de52b68b540fef05df652fe4a1e35e191 on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by b6a8310de52b68b540fef05df652fe4a1e35e191

I need to be able to submit a form from the server side; client side isn't an option, unfortunately. I tried following the directions here, and am having some issues. The post goes through (returns 200), and new members are captured by the program to which the form belongs, but all of the associated post body information is stripped out. Additionally, when I look at the response content, it looks like the HTML for a marketo form. I'm hoping that it's just because I'm doing something dumb in my post formatting, so heres the python used to send the request.


    "firstName": "Test",
    "lastName": "Person",
    "company": "TestCo",
    "email": "",
r ="", data = body)


The above returns a 200 status, with an html document as content. Program members are also created, with correct IP information and a 'filled out form' action, but nothing from the post body makes it in.


I've seen several other threads on here related to this topic, none of which have resolution yet. Has anyone successfully used this method?