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Does Marketo just list the last link clicked for a lead?

Question asked by bb7e8c21f8d9f989dcb52b6fd1f0df66c6e17aab on Apr 4, 2016
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Hi everyone,


I am wanting to understand if in email performance I should be able to see a break down of every click made against an email and see that a lead has clicked on multiple links in an email.

For instance on an email I have a link to a video, and two articles. I want to pull a report to see Lead X clicked all three, Lead Y only clicked video.

I can see in the email performance & have run a smart campaign for "clicks any link in email" and can see 15 people have clicked in the email. However how do I see if they have clicked on more than one?

Or does marketo only share the last link clicked in email performance view & I would need to go into the lead record to see the detail of all links clicked?