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    A/B Testing and Triggers with Program Success



      I was on a call with a Marketo consultant and trying to set up a simple A/B test email send (testing the open based on subject lines). I also wanted to base the program success on a trigger: if clicks link on email/webpage but we kept getting the red squiggle error. She thought that because it was an A/B test we couldn't have a program success (influenced) based off of a trigger because it was already testing the subject line. I'm just wondering if this is accurate or how you all would set up the trigger/flow for a simple email send if it is possible to do for A/B subject line testing.


      Thank you!

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          Jamie Lewis

          I was able to use a test email in both the smart list trigger and the flow step.  Is this where you were trying to use it?

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            Seems like program success could be determined by a flow-step in any number of smart campaigns that are local assets to the program...This should not conflict with anything that is hard-wired into the program type "email" A/B testing function.

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              Randy Davis

              Update to below: OK, so Marketo is not always proactive in issuing its red squiggles. I just attempted to edit the Opens Email trigger in a running A/B test program's trigger campaign, and the red squiggly suddenly appeared. Within the Opens Email trigger, I did a search on the program name, looking for the email being tested. What I found was this: CE Email 2016-03-04 NAME of PROGRAM.Subject Line Test. I inserted this, and removed the original email name, and the squiggly went away.


              Unfortunately I didn't catch this until after the program started running, and several dozen Email opens were missed because the trigger was using the original Email name. Very frustrating. Very confusing on how to properly set up A/B tests using triggers on the email name.



              Hi Erica, I may not be able to solve your A/B test issue, but can only report that I experienced the same issue earlier this year -- the red squiggly. I do have a question: do you experience the red squiggly both before and after approving the program? It is my understanding that you cannot test something like an Opens Email filter on an A/B email before approving the program; and that any campaigns you create will not recognize the email name that is being tested while the program is unapproved..


              I'm looking at an Email channel program now that has an A/B test, has been approved (but waiting to run), and the trigger on the original email name is recognized successfully by the Opens Email trigger in the campaign.


              I hope this helps.

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