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    SFDC: Overwrite data with blank field from Marketo

    Sarah Hare

      Hi - just wondering if it was possible to overwrite a field in SFDC with blank information from Marketo?

      For example, just say, a number of incorrect Last Names have been synced to SFDC. So to correct this I want to upload a file with just the email address and new 'blank' last name so Marketo updates the SFDC or resets it.... Then the next time a customer completes a form the correct information will be synced between Marketo and Salesforce.

      Hopefully do-able? (please!)

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Sarah,


          1. If you set fields to blank in Marketo and sync to SFDC, they also will be blank in SFDC. You make a field blank, you can edit the lead or you can run a "change data value" flow step with new value NULL
          2. BUT, some fields are mandatory to SFDC and cannot be left blank. This is the case with Last Name and company name. This may also apply for any custom field in SFDC that would have been set to mandatory. So for theses fields, if you make them blank in Marketo and try to sync, the sync will return an error.



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