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may token value vary by stream?

Question asked by b706ea80613200c9076fff41d5e1dc75bc5f4adf on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Jason Hamilton

We have a program with two streams (English and Spanish) with Transition Rules to switch if they change language preferences.   The content only varies by language.   I've just learned that we may have a new "category of people" now - who will receive the exact same content EXCEPT we will refer to them in the emails as something like "members" vs "supporters".   We will use a combination of lead source and other factors to determine this difference - there is no SFDC or Marketo field that indicates it clearly.


Question:  is there a way to use something like tokens so that instead of two copies of all the English emails, I can define something like:  for Stream 1 use saluation X, for Stream 2, use saluation Y?  Any other ideas?