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I wonder why my form with lightbox style did not show on my landing page?

Question asked by 572b62e46080c76b7aad41c3d1d56ba2a6a16363 on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by 572b62e46080c76b7aad41c3d1d56ba2a6a16363

Can someone sort this out for me? It's a lightbox style Mkto Form which needed to be showing on my landing page. But somehow after I embedded piece of code as what Marketo instructed on the Developers page, it is still not working:


<script src="//"></script>

<form id="mktoForm_1814"></form>

<script>MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "463-EQS-987", 1814, function (form)

    if (location.href.indexOf("lightboxForm=true") != -1) {




Is there anything wrong with the code? Is there something else I need to add onto this piece? Appreciate it if someone could help!