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    Pass munchkin cookie with Create/Update Leads REST call?

    Grant Booth

      Hello everyone,
      I'd like to be able to track when a lead arrives at a page with munchkin on it from a third party email system, for example with their email address in a URL parameter of the link they clicked on in the email. These leads might not already exist in Marketo.
      Then I want to take that email address and the cookie value created by Munchkin to create a new lead in Marketo.
      Is it possible to pass the cookie value along with the Create/Update Leads call? Create/Update Leads » Marketo Developers

      Or do I have to first send just the email address, and then once I get the lead id from in the response from that, do an Associate Lead call to attach the cookie value to the lead? Associate Lead » Marketo Developers 

      I'd prefer to do it all with the Create/Update Leads call, rather than having to do multiple calls where I have to parse the response from the first call.