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Registrants "Stuck" in GoToWebinar

Question asked by f0b526d952f661e4f12d4f7397e38fcfa0bc7b8f on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by f0b526d952f661e4f12d4f7397e38fcfa0bc7b8f

I have a few webinars scheduled and collecting registrations using my GoToWebinar form for the next few months. I recently connected GoToWebinar to Marketo through Launchpoint and connected these webinars to programs (because we're going to run follow up, etc through Marketo from now on). The connection did not "bring down" the registrants from GoToWebinar - it's showing 0 members. Support confirmed that we can't sync those people from GoToWebinar to Marketo because they used the GoToWebinar form, not a Marketo form.


Has anyone dealt with this before? All I can think of is a list upload of their information and marking them as "Registered" for my event, but if I do that, will GoToWebinar recognize them after the event when it marks them "Attended" or "No Show" or will it create duplicates?