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    Wildcard system level token and munchkin

      Hi all! 

      I am attempting to insert a wildcard system level token into my emails so that the right munchkin (loaded into Google Tag Manager) for the right workspace will be called. 

      Does anyone have a best practice for this in what is best to use for the wildcard and how it should be placed so I can get it to work properly?

      Thank you in advance!!
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          Josh Hill
          There are no wildcard operators in Marketo. -- Vote up the idea :)

          If you mean that you somehow created a field that would pull in the lead's correct code, you can do that:

          New Field: Munchkin Code
          Update leads with code
          Insert token into Asset.

          Not sure why you would do this with the emails? Don't you want to do that on the LPs or your website?