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    Delay on Syncing Salesforce Campaigns

    Andreya Armstrong

      Does anyone know how often the sync happens between a SF campaign and marketo program? I'm seeing about a 2 hour delay for a program that is running right now, and it's causing a discrepancy in membership numbers. 


      I'm assuming this is because there is a timed push for the sync between the program and the SF campaign, but depending on the frequency I may just add the "change SFDC campaign status" step back into the flows and take out the synced campaign function.


      Thanks in advance!!



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Andreya,


          You should rather post this in "product", more people will read it a might answer


          The sync occurs every 5 minutes. If you have delays, it might be because you have other sync tasks lagging beyond and delaying them all.


          Also, the discrepancies might come form the fact that some of the program members cannot be pushed to SFDC for various reasons. You need to look at their activity logs and see whether:

          1. There is no sync task
          2. There is one with a error.



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            David Desrosiers

            A P1 Alert is currently posted in the Support Home Page - This may explain your issue.


            UPDATE: RESOLVED--P1 Alert: Delays in SFDC sync UPDATE: This problem should now be resolved. The core issue has been identified and a patch was deployed late last night. Some customers are reporting delays in their sync cycles with SFDC. Preliminary triage indicates it is only affecting customers with large numbers of Accounts needing sync. Our Engineering team is actively working on this now. The SFDC sync will continue and no data will be lost. Updates will be posted as soon as possible