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    Adding New Content to Engagement Stream

    Malik Zafar

      I believe I know the answer to this question, but just want to make sure I have all my bases covered.


      I'm adding a new piece of content to my nurture stream, and I want all leads to get this email next. The email will be nested within a program. If I add the new program to the very top of the stream, does that guarantee all leads will get the new content first and then resume from there?

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          Josh Hampleman

          I'd be interested in this question as well.  Based on the way we currently have our streams setup I believe only those in that stream would get it.


          Maybe the best way (no idea if I'm right) is to add the content to each stream with a set availability date of this one cadence.  It seems this would ensure everyone regardless of stream would get it but at the same time not repeat itself due to the availability option.

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            Josh Hill

            Yes, they will get the content from the top down, so you can force new content to go out by placing it at the top of the stream for ALL leads in the Stream.

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              Grégoire Michel

              Hi Malik and Josh H,


              It's important to consider the order of the contents in a stream more as a priority than a time order. This means that when you displace the content in the stream or you insert one content, you in fact change the order of priority. This means that each lead in the stream, will on next cast, received the content with the highest priority amongst the content they have not received yet. My experience is that it can be disturbing at the beginning for new users to understand this.



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