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Cross-Enrollment in Engagement Programs?

Question asked by d0b30dbad77b2958d3d5df58913c31d109ad6e94 on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Chris Morris



So I have about 20 different offers up. What I'm doing now is creating a nurture track to enroll the lead whenever they download something. Here's my scenario:


Lead downloads Asset A, the flow will then enroll them in Engagement Program A, which contains 4 weekly emails that let them download Assets C, B, D, E.


I will do the same for all my assets -- create a flow that will enroll them in an engagement track that will contain link to other assets. Now a possible issue would be that the lead will get enrolled in multiple tracks if they, for example, download Asset B, they'll be in the track I set for that. Then Asset C, etc.


How do I prevent this? Please help! Thank you/