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Munchkin tracking and Unbounce

Question asked by Tania Bronstein on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by Ariel Sasso

I've created a number of Unbounce landing pages and have installed the Munchkin tracking code on them. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if the activity data from Munchkin is flowing back into the lead record. When a lead submits a form, the lead is added to the static list in Marketo reserved for Unbounce conversions, but none of those leads have Munchkin information (AnonymousIP, Original Referrer, etc) populated -- those fields are simply blank.


Unbounce support had advised that I needed to create hidden fields on the form and map them to Marketo fields, but that didn't seem to work, either.


Has anyone successfully gotten Munchkin to track on Unbounce landing pages? How did you get it to work?