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Using Multiple Email Addresses in a Token

Question asked by Jeff Smith on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by Milena Mitova

We have white papers, webinars, free trials, etc. that, when requested on our website, trigger alerts that send to a hand full of internals, depending on the country that the request comes from. For example, if someone in Russia requests a free trial, then an alert gets sent to John and Ellen. However, if a free trial or white paper request comes in from India, then Sally and Joe get the alert. The problem is that whenever there is turnover or a change in who the alerts should send to, it requires us to update the email address of the alert recipient(s) in many different places. I want to tokenize this at the folder level, so it is captured in the various localized programs under the folder and only needs to be updated in one place.


Can this be done with tokens? I assumed so, but after testing with a couple of my own email addresses in a token, I never received the alert. I first used a text token with email addresses separated by a comma, but when that didn't work I tried the same thing with a rich text token...still nothing. The activity log of my records, though, shows the send alert activity, but it didn't make it to either of my inboxes. The smart list is my email addresses, and the flow is shown below. Any advice on how this can be accomplished?