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    Auto Assignment Rules

      Does anyone know how I can update the Auto Assignment Rules in MKTO to route leads to Account Owner, rather than Lead Owner? I can't seem to find the "auto assignment rule" anywhere.

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          Justin Norris

          Jennifer Sharpe


          The auto-assignment rules in this case refer to Salesforce Lead Assignment Rules (assuming you are synched to SFDC). You would need to set these up in SFDC.


          A lead by definition does not have an account owner, but I believe you might be thinking of some kind of Lead to Account mapping, where a new lead is mapped to an existing account and routed to that same owner.


          This typically requires another piece of software. Lean Data, Ringlead, Leadspace, and Engagio are a few vendors that can help with that and support fuzzy logic to determine Lead to Account matches. The fuzzy logic might look at variations on domain, account name, location, etc.


          If you want something simpler then Distribution Engine by NC Squared is another app that offers a more sophisticated version of native Lead Assignment Rules and allows you to match on a single lookup (e.g., match on domain between lead and account) and route to that account owner. This is less robust but can still work if you have a simple account hierarchy and clean data.

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