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Tracking Referral Source

Question asked by 1f747a90c6efdaef8f6bbe4f101e7a184b64a850 on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Jessica Kao

I am trying to understand if Marketo is able to track site traffic sources. I see the fields (source detail, source info...etc) but cannot see any sources that haven't come from a marketo email form or other marketo instance.


Similar to google analytics, I would like to know where anonymous/known leads are coming from to get to our site. I know the form/page they filled out to become known but I don't see anything for referral source, source information....etc


Is this a Marketo limitation or do I need to set something up?


I can see the highest performing marketo forms (gated content), and in a perfect world it'd be great to see how they got to our site (organic search, referral, social...etc)


If anyone knows the answer to this question that would be AWESOME.