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Report that shows which companies are opening my emails

Question asked by 5931882675fab97f7e2035920757bc5c0c874bec on Mar 22, 2016
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I'm hoping you can help!


I'm still a bit of a new Marketo user, and know how to create:


1) A report that shows all of my emails created (e.g., Subject Line: "Meet Amanda)" along with how many were bounced, delivered, opened, clicked, etc., and

2) A report that shows all of my leads grouped by company name (e.g., Coca Cola, M&M Mars, etc). along with how many total leads exist within those companies, unsubscribes that have happened in all time, blacklists, hard bounces, etc.


What I'm trying to figure out is whether or not I can create a combined report that shows how leads grouped by company name have responded to all of my emails.


e.g., Everyone from Coca Cola opened and clicked on "Meet Amanda", but only half of the people from M&M Mars opened "Meet Amanda".


Is that possible? If so - can you help me?


Thanks so much!