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Click-able links in Emails / Unknown-> Known leads

Question asked by 831fa11f7d15c46f1bdc2d96bb1f35ecb08a1782 on Mar 18, 2016

1) The emails I'm sending through Marketo are all custom HTML + CSS. When I copy and paste the code into the email, will my links be automatically made 'trackable' with mkt_tok appended or is there another step I must take to make the link 'track-able'?


2) If i'm sending 'unknown' leads (not yet cookied but in marketo database) an email that includes a link to a survey does the survey have to have munckin code in order for the lead to become 'known'. If I post the MKT_TOK to a hidden form field on the survey so that it registers on the Thank you page link all I'm capturing is that a 'known' lead completed the survey, correct?