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    Campaign Run Ids Missing From Activity Rest API?

      Has anyone been able to successfully determine a campaign run id on the "Send Email" activity. For example I have a campaign which users can enter multiple times, and thus can receive the same email multiple times. I am looking for an explicit way to determine if the user recieved, opened, and clicked the links within an email. I noticed that in Marketo on the activity feed you can see the "Campaign Run Id" on the "Send Email" events :



      On subsequent runs that ID increments:



      However the click and open events don't have that campaign run id. So my questions are:

      1. Is there anyway to tell on email events (Open, Delivered, Click, Bounce, etc) the Campaign Run Id?
      2. How come in the API getActivities, the campaign run id is not returned for any events including the "Send Email" event?