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External Javascript not working when included in landing page template

Question asked by 540d4c2f8c5d77cec876bb0eafd9dbdb40b95526 on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by 540d4c2f8c5d77cec876bb0eafd9dbdb40b95526

I am attempting to include two external javascript files in the footer of my landing page template. I have uploaded the files to my design studio. This technique has worked many times to include external CSS files in templates, and to include JS in pages themselves, but neither of these are being recognized by the pages that use the template:


    <script href="//"></script>

    <script href="//"></script>


The code is all correct, and the utmcookies one should produce a console log when it is first called. The jQuery library is being included prior to these files. I tried using http://na-ab11... in the URL as well, to no avail. I also tried wrapping the utmcookies.js code in a $(document).ready() with no success.


This page is attempting, unsuccessfully, to use the files: Creative in Online Video Advertising (Infographic)


I am baffled. Am I doing something dumb here? Do Marketo templates support inclusion of external javascript files from the design studio?