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    Block Field Updates

      We have recently synced Marketo to SFDC and I’m trying to understand which fields to block from SFDC sync. 

      Does anyone have input on what has worked for their team?

      An area I’m seeing that this might affect is the lead status field.  We were operating independently in each system for a while.  When we did our initial sync we had a lot of records that were duplicated in MKTO due to their existence in SFDC.  We have gone through and merged records.

      However I noticed after the merge that the values in the lead status field were being changed, such as MQL back to Engaged b/c that was the last updated value for that field in SFDC. 

      Any input from Marketo experts on this area would be awesome!  Our team hasn’t had to deal with this yet and I’m curious how other users have set up their ‘block field update’ strategy.

      Thank you!