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Does anybody have experience cookie-ing hidden UTM fields on forms?

Question asked by 6f7070dc0853032b93e74c4b303eb0b4d2e53582 on Mar 16, 2016
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Good morning BMUGers,


I'm setting up our new Marketo instance at Salsify, and while I've used Marketo for about 4 years, I've never set it up. Obviously, I want to make sure it's setup correctly, so I don't spend my life re-configuring Marketo, like I've had to do after people have set it up incorrectly in the past.


I'm currently setting up javascript to cookie hidden UTM fields on forms. My question is, if I only have one landing page per offer, and the hidden UTM fields collect first, and last touch, info when the form is submitted, what's the best practice for sending those leads to the correct campaign?


Here's a snippet of our attribution model:


Inline image 4


We're going to use hidden fields on fields to populate / cookie various UTM parameters. Currently we have:


Inline image 1


We'll only cookie "first" once, and then "last" we'll update every time a lead comes to a page.


Then, update the campaign status accordingly, as to whether the lead visited the page "influenced", or downloaded content "filled-out form". Are these what other people are using for "children" campaigns?


Inline image 2


So if I have the above utm fields, what's the best way to move them into the correct campaigns when the utm fields update?


Has anybody done similar stuff with their Marketo instance? I'd love to talk with you for 30 minutes or so.... you could even get a free lunch out of it