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    Track Inflow in RCA for Fast-Tracks

    Rachel Noble

      Hello loyal Marketo support group users.


      I'm struggling to create accurate inflow reporting according to my company's definitions. I'm hoping this is a simple fix that I'm missing. We run regular inflow reports that RCA provides as well as funnel reports we have created in Analytics. We have a ton of fast-track options in our RCM and I would like to be able to track these as if they have flowed through each intermediate stage as well-e.g. when I run the inflow report in RCA (or another report that will work better for this), I want the inflow for MQL to include MAL even if the lead jumped directly from MCL to MQL.


      Any suggestions?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Rachel,


          AFAIK, You cannot have the funnel reports to include fast tracks in a step if they jumped over. So you need to adjust your flows so that all MCL go to MAL, and if they are fast-track leads, that they wait there 5 minutes then are moved to MQL. In order to do that, we use an additional field (name: fast-track to MQL, type: checkbox). the smart campaign that pushes the fast-track leads to MAL also checks the box. Then a second smart campaign triggers on lead status becoming "MAM" with a filter ("Fast-track to MQL" IS TRUE), the waits 5 minutes, then updates the status again to MQL and sets the "Fast-track to MQL" to false.



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            Josh Hill

            Actually, I think you can do this faster, in a similar fashion:


            • Fast Track Campaign
              • if Fills Out Form
              • Flow
                • Call Known Process
                • Wait 5 min
                • Call Engaged Process
                • Wait 5 min
                • Call MQL Process
                • Wait 5 min
                • Send Fast Track Alert


            Now your exact situation on the Fast Track alert may need to be considered though. You can also have your Fast Track run all of the stage movements in one flow. Just make sure that Fast Tracks aren't sent to the regular RCM flows somehow. Greg's suggestion could work, but you could use a smart list brake too.

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