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Adding programs in an engagement campaign?

Question asked by c55ff379f5f3304ddea22757fbb22beb82593ae8 on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Robb Barrett

Hi all,


I am a new marketo user and was setting up an engagement campaign and was confused about adding programs into the nurture stream. What I've done is that I've added two programs into the stream, which will send an email and have specific smart campaigns in them. If these programs were to be set to run every 2 weeks and is activated, does it mean that the leads who are qualified for the programs enter and follow all the smart campaigns that I've set up, and then when it is completed, receive all the other content from the next email blast program?


I just wanted to clarify this because I was confused between just adding emails directly into the streams vs. setting up programs