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    How do I change web status at the program level?

      We imported a list from ReadyTalk and during the importation process it made us select only one value, i.e. attended, no show etc., except that this list had people that obviously fit into more than one category. Now when I try and manually change a person's status it reverts back to attended. Would love some help to get this sorted out, cheers!

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          Dan Stevens

          Tyler - first of all, you should post product-related questions like this in the Products (Discussions) area of the community.  You'll get greater visibility.


          When working with program statuses, it's important to note the step value next to each status.  That value indicates the sequence a lead must take to progress to program success. A lead cannot go backwards, only forwards or laterally.  We, too, assign multiple program statuses - especially when uploading a list of attendees from an event, when the event registration process wasn't done in Marketo.  When we get that list of attendees, we initially upload them as "registered".  Then we select all (in the Members tab) and change their program status to "attended".  Sometimes there are additional statuses that we wish to capture, but you get the idea.


          When looking at the members of the event program, it will only display the current program status for each lead.  So in this case, you'll only see "attended" (even though they also once had a status of "registered").  Defining program statuses properly is one of the most important steps you should take before executing any activity out of Marketo.  It's the basis for how your leads progress through your lead lifecycle and on to sales readiness.  Here are the program statuses that we use for the live event channel:



          In your case, you probably needed to break up your list into multiple sub-lists.  Especially if you're working with statuses like "no-show"

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            Tyler Matheny

            Yep. Dan is right about Products so I moved your post and his answer. No big deal. Just letting you know. Thanks Dan Stevens