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    Change Program Status for Cloned Lead List

    Tom Kerlin



      I cloned over a list from another program, but then realized that the program statuses had not changed. I wanted to revert them all back to initial program status "queued", so I selected all and then clicked on change program status option. I entered in the new program and new program status option and then submitted. However, the list's program status column looks the same?




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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Tom,


          Remember that statuses in a program have a step number. This step order number is very important: a "change member status" flow step cannot set to a new status that has a lower step number. You can only change the member status to another status which step number is equal or higher than the previous status.


          If you want to restart from the beginning you have to remove the leads from the program first (change program status -> New status IS "Not in Program").



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              Dory Viscogliosi

              An alternate solution here (although you need to make sure you do all of the steps) is

              1. Go to Admin > Tags > Channels
              2. Change the step number of the specific type of Channel that you're working with. Make sure that the new number for queued is equal to or greater than the other program status you want to change them from.
              3. Change the members of your program to status: Queued
              4. Go back to Admin > Tags > Channels
              5. Put the step number for Queued back to where it was originally


              This saves you the hassle of removing everyone and re-adding them, but if you don't put the step number back to queued then you could end up with people moving back and forth between those two statuses.

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              Emily Poulton

              Hi Tom,


              A lead can be in various programs, so the program status status will depend on each program. So if you change the lead's program status in your first program, the change will not appear in the second program because it is program-specific.Your lead could be "queued" in both programs, and it will not affect the other.


              I would run a flow to say, if member of program A, program status is Queued, then add to program B and make status Queued.


              I hope I have understood your question correctly. Hope this helps!

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