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    Millions of records?

    Robert Kelen

      One of our clients asked the following in our local MUG discussion area:

      "Currently, [we have] a Marketo database of about 500,000 B2B leads, but later this year we're launching B2C products. We currently have a B2C user base of about 5 million to whom we don't marketing directly. That's changing, and I'd love to chat with a few people that have experienced what Marketo is like for a database that size. Right now, our instance is excruciatingly slow at times. I see that spinning circle A LOT these days. I'm just wondering if it's feasible to use Marketo for a database that could some day grow to 10s of millions of leads."


      Wanted to air it to a larger audience to get additional input...




      Robert Kelen

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          Courtney Grimes

          Hi Robert (and client!),


          Once you start to scale into the 1 million to 5 million record range, there's definitely some changes that need to happen procedurally to keep Marketo running as efficiently as possible, but in all honesty the biggest hang up I've seen time and again is whatever is being integrated with Marketo CRM-wise, because the same type of procedural pivots that need to be made for Marketo must be reflected in your CRM. It's not necessarily a simple process (especially if bad habits have been established in terms of how Marketo/CRM/etc. are used) and not something that can really be summed up in a Community post.

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            Hey Robert,


            We have 12M records in our database and have had many issues with speed and performance in the past. The bad news is that certain aspects of Marketo (namely the revenue explorer) simply to not work. The good news is we have worked closely with support and have made huge strides to address this in the past year. We've seen a huge improvement in terms of email campaigns, smart list processing, etc. Happy to talk to you if you have any questions about scale!


            If anyone else is in the same situation, I'd love to meet up and talk about it at Summit!

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