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Difference between Referrer constraint vs Web Page constraint for form fill out?

Question asked by Liliana Cheng on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Elliott Lowe

Hi all, what is the difference between Referrer and Web Page as constraints on the fills out form trigger?


We have been using the trigger Fills Out Form (ID 0000) with the constraint Web Page is ( for over a year without any major issues. However, we discovered last week that two of these triggers were failing to qualify leads consistently. There were 100+ leads who sat in Marketo without qualifying for these two triggers they were supposed to qualify for. Meanwhile, another 100+ leads were qualifying for these two triggers without any issue. There was no difference in their behaviors or form fill out activity, so our team was stumped and Marketo support was stumped.


The official Marketo support suggestion is to swap the trigger constraint to Referrer is ( instead of Web Page. They say the constraint for Web Page is really only for Marketo landing pages and we use Wordpress, so they cannot guarantee it will work.


My unanswered, follow up questions are:

-Why is this suddenly an issue? We've created hundreds of campaigns using this trigger with the Web Page is constraint without major issues until now. These two triggers are the only ones we had this issue with.

-Why does it seem to work for some leads?

-What is the actual difference between these two constraints? 


Thanks all,