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    Triggering lead status change off certain types of programs

    Trask Rogers

      Hey everyone,

      Our company has two divisions that both use Marketo for nurture campaigns. On the software side, we have an inside sales team, and we 're-open' leads when they respond to campaigns, just to make sure the inside reps have visibility. See the attached image for the smart list, but basically I have a global program that listens for someone to be added to a program with a 'success' status.


      The problem I'm running into is that the other division is using the same process to track campaign responses, so this global rule is picking up their campaign responses and triggering opens, when it fact it's really a false positive. On the campaign object in SFDC, we delineate between the two divisions, but don't really have anything in Marketo configured right now.


      Any thoughts on something systemic that could be put in place to only have this trigger for specific types of programs?