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Willing to share event email promotion best practices?

Question asked by Cori Chao on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by 721526708d6e7530ae0f40b5297fc5f008470061

This is a best practices/planning question.  Not a Marketo specific question.


We have a big annual event that we use email to promote.  I would love to hear from other companies as to how you promote your big events with email, a view into your campaign calendar for the event if you will.


How far ahead of the event do you begin sending email?


What is your email frequency like from beginning to end of the promotion period?  Do you alter the frequency depending on how much content you have to share (date announce vs keynotes vs session and speaker details?


Do you re-mail?  What is your criteria for re-mailing?


Benchmark response rates?  Or even something like we see 2X the click rate once we get within 2-3 weeks of the event...


Thank you!