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    Log In with Facebook

      Hi everyone!


      We are currently implementing  Marketo for the organization and I'm wondering if you have some trouble with the "Log In with Facebook" option. The costumers doesn't care about the Marketo Logo at the authorization page? They don't have any insecurity associating the Marketo Logo with your organization?  or there's a way to remove that logo?


      I really appreciate your oppinions with this.



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          Lalida Sriyordsa

          Hi Gabriela,


          Are you referring to landing page lead forms? We have the option for leads to fill out forms with either the LinkedIn or Facebook option on our landing pages. When I tested them though, I do not see the Marketo logos anywhere on the authorization page - it just opens up in a separate pop up with the Facebook logo as most logins with social media do and says in smaller words "Log in to use your Facebook account with Marketo."


          We unfortunately do not have much data at this point in our department to determine how many people are filling out the forms with social media but hopefully it'll make it easier for people to fill out some information.