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    Is there a way or hack to define allowable times for sending emails for segments?

      Use case - we have batch campaigns that we want to send to our users globally only during their segment's defined business hours (M-F 9a-4p local time).

      So if we're on California (PDT) time, a newsletter send or nurture campaign delivers to:
      •           California leads at 9am PT
      •           East coast leads at 6am PT (9am ET)
      •           UK leads at 1am (9am BST)
      •           Taiwan/China leads at 6pm (9am locally)

      Another use case, is when a lead scores out and becomes MQL and an automated trigger email from a sales rep gets sent. We only want that email to be sent during the general business hours of that lead—obviously a sales rep isn't working at 2am.


      Is there anyway to define these regionally or within a segment?