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    Marketo Integration with Web Application

    Scott Hetherington
      We've two issues on our site that we'd like to resolve in some way.
      1.           Auto form populating - We have three types of forms on our site, native Marketo forms (on our marketo subdomain), Marketo embedded forms (on our main web site and a registration in our web application. For the most part, all the forms ask for the same information, so as a user moves around our site, they sometimes are asked for the same information multiple times. When someone gets to our app registration form, we'd ideally like to pre-populate it with the common information so that users don't have to re-enter. In the case of the embeded Marketo forms, we'd generally like to remove the form altogether and provide access to the requested content, but as I understand the embeeded code doesn't allow prepopulation (we don't use iFrames because of the difficulties they provide with responsive design.
      2.           User anonimitity - We've connected our web application form with Marketo so that the data gets to Marketo, however unless the user has filled out a Marketo form, the user is anonymous to Marketo so we can't assign any of their activity gather by the munchkin code to that lead and thus can't personalize messages to them based on activity.
      Any ideas on how I can resolve one or both of these issues? Is this a case of needed some dev services from Marketo or is there an easy solution to these?

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          Kenny Elkington
          Hi Scott,

          I'm putting the finishing touches on a developer's blog post for situation 1 right now, and it should be up some time in the next week or so.  Regarding 2, are your users already cookied and IDed to user records(with email addresses) in your web app?  If so you can use syncLead to send the Email and the Marketo Cookie down to Marketo to quickly associate your records to Marketo's web activity tracking: http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/soap/synclead/
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            Hey Scott,
            #1 is a little tricky. It is a big security risk if Marketo exposes lead data to external servers. So prepopulation can only happen on Marketo Landing Pages (iFramed or directly on the landing page).

            For #2, I would just suggest to add an associateLead Munchkin API call when your web forms are submitted. This will make the lead known just as if they filled out a Marketo form and all past and future lead activity will be attributed to the lead in Marketo. 
            Information on the associateLead call can be found here: http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/websites/lead-tracking-munchkin-js/