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    SFDC ID token pulling the wrong SFDC ID

      Hi All,


      We have an alert email that is sent to me every time one of our Salesforce leads clicks a link in a marketing email that we send out. This alert contains the following token:

      https:/na16.salesforce.com/{{lead.SFDC Id:default=edit me}}

      This is a clickable link that directs to the Salesforce lead record. For whatever reason, when I receive these alerts and click on the link, it directs me to a Salesforce page that tells me the record has been deleted. However, I can search the name of that contact in the search bar of Salesforce and the record appears. The record has a different SFDC ID than what Marketo pulled.


      Does anyone know the cause of this? Any help would be appreciated as Marketo Support has not been able to solve the problem.